Successful collaborations are integral to our company mission and are at the core of our Innovation strategy to deliver breakthrough products. We are continuously seeking new partnerships to support our company mission. Our business development team welcomes new opportunities in both the ImmcellPharma and ImmcellNutra arms of the business.

At Immcell we believe collaboration fuels innovation. Our growth strategy is embedded in the formation of new alliances with renowned research organisations/academic institutions across the globe. We accelerate the development of some of the most promising potential therapeutics and nutraceuticals emerging today through successful and sustainable collaborations. We believe in value generation and that’s why we strive towards true innovation – innovation that transforms. 

Why Partner With Us?                                

We believe the value of partnerships and collaborations is demonstrated through successful initiatives, projects and improved outcomes for our patients/consumers.  Our partnerships reflect our company personality and the nature of our work. We are committed to building sustainable relationships built on trust and are flexible to individual company needs. Identifying potential partners with the same focus, who are as passionate and committed as we are, is integral to Immcell’s business development. Our Partnership contributions are recognised and valued at the highest level. We take great pride in knowing that we are highly valued amongst our collaborators, respecting their wishes and confidentiality.

Our partnerships span across a whole range of sectors, including finance, R & D, manufacturing, supply chain and quality. Most importantly, here at Immcell, we pride ourselves in quality not quantity so that we can deliver the best outcome for human health. 

Immcell is situated in an ideal location, beside dublin airport and the M50 motorway, facilitating access to all major routes.

Identifying the right partner creates beneficial synergistic value for both parties and maximises product value.  

Immcell’s Partnership Qualities

We have adaptable business models to suit the project needs of our consumers.

We have access to a rich pool of resources for project scale needs, through a strong network of industry contacts.

We are efficient in the understanding and analysis of requirements and in responsiveness to our consumer’s needs.


If you are interested in partnering with Immcell, please contact our business development team on +353 18901956.