About Us

Immcell Business Models

There are two arms to our business at Immcell. Our interest lies in the areas of both Pharmaceuticals and Food Ingredients as we believe in the value of naturally produced compounds as much as we do in pharmaceutical formulations for our consumer’s health. 


ImmcellPharma Business Model

1.      Identification of pharma opportunities for development commercialisation and out-licensing.
2.      Identification and development of Repurposed Drugs
3.      Development of agents for disrupting Biofilms  


Immcell Pharma works closely with some universities and commercial laboratories on immunoprofiling studies, toxicology projects and clinical research.

Immcell Food Business Model 


1.    Conduct market research on registered food Ingredients and novel food Ingredients 
2.    Identification and evaluation of promising candidates
3.    Selection of ingredients and their suitability for development in the following categories:

  • Food Supplements
  • Functional/Fortified Foods
  • Foods for Special Medical Purposes /Medical Foods 

 4. Product Development: This involves working with Food Technologists, nutritionists,  food scientists to develop products.